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The NHL is hiring a Senior VP for Player Safety and you're definitely not qualified

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Not even close.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, cool new job listing alert: the NHL is hiring a Senior Vice President in charge of their Department of Player Safety. Sounds great! Except ... chances are you're not qualified. At all!

EMPLOYER: National Hockey League

JOB TITLE: Senior Vice President of Player Safety


DUTIES: Responsible for overseeing all facets of the Player Safety Department; make final decisions regarding appropriate discipline of NHL players; speak with team General Managers and Coaches regarding players on a daily basis; develop presentations for General Managers, Board of Governors and Competition Committee Meetings; present to players at the NHL Rookie Orientation Program; serve as a member of the Concussion Committee and the Equipment Committee; monitor all hockey games including Pre-Season, Regular Season and Play-Off Games for player conduct and incidents that may lead to Supplemental Discipline, potential rule changes or discussion; correspond with Clubs and Media on a regular basis; liaise with the players.

REQUIREMENTS: 5 years of experience as an NHL player or on-ice official; Also requires experience in the area of player discipline; knowledge of NHL rules; ability to work nights, weekends and holidays; and extensive national and international travel.

CONTACT: Human Resources, NHL, 1185 Avenue of the Americas, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10036.

Talk about select company. Not that the NHL should accept applications for anybody off the street for a job like this, of course, but requiring people to have five years of on-ice experience in the league is a high bar.

It's interesting, because under those qualifications -- five years as an NHL player or on-ice official -- would likely disqualify a lot of folks who might otherwise be good fits. Patrick Burke, the former Flyers scout who now works as director of the Department of Player Safety, would not be eligible. He doesn't have an on-ice background. Surely there are plenty of qualified folks, like Burke, who have no on-ice background.

So does this mean Stephane Quintal, the NHL's current SVP of Player Safety, is out of a job? Doesn't appear that way -- instead, it looks like this is all just a technicality in order to stay in line with the law.