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Kimmo Timonen in Blackhawks Game 4 lineup, will be eligible to get name on Stanley Cup

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

For a minute there, it really looked like Kimmo Timonen wouldn't find his way back onto the ice this season -- his final season as an NHL player. It looked like his career might be over.

It looked like his team might win the Stanley Cup with him sitting in in the press box as a healthy scratch, a depressing end to a great career. And it was depressing before adding this smack in the face: he needs to play in the Cup Final for at least one game to be eligible to get his name on it, should Chicago win.

But then Chicago lost Game 3, and a few of their defensemen didn't look so hot in the process. Johnny Oduya got hurt and even though he'll play in Game 4, the 'Hawks won't be able to roll four defensemen the same way they've done recently. So now, as we prepare for Game 4, Kimmo's getting another chance. He's back in the lineup.

Play it like it might be your last, Kimmo.