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Jeff Reese could take job with Dallas Stars: Could Flyers get compensation?

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Compensation from the Stars for the former Flyers goalie coach?

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Goalie coach Jeff Reese left the Flyers under pretty strange circumstances back in March.

Reese never commented on his departure from the organization, but there were reports of a rift between him and head coach Craig Berube involving the handling of starting goaltender Steve Mason -- reports that have been vehemently denied by Berube and the team.

Mason seemed very broken up by Reese's departure, and he credited Reese with a lot of the success he's had since being traded to Philadelphia. It's undeniable that Mason's career turned completely around under Reese -- how much of that is directly attributable to Reese is really hard to gauge, of course. But it's safe to say Reese made a difference.

Now, it looks like Reese has another NHL job ... with the Dallas Stars.

Good for Reese getting back into the league. And for the Flyers ... something to keep an eye on:

I don't know what that compensation might be, mostly because this dumb compensation system the NHL's come up with this spring is kind of all over the place. But an extra third round pick or something .... yeah, I'd take that.