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Friday Morning Fly By: All draft news all the time.

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

*Kimmo! [BSH]

*On the European influence on the Flyers. [Flyers]

*Let's take a look at some potential draft day trade partners for the Flyers. [Sons of Penn]

*The Flyers love nothing more than a retread so how about potential free agent target Justin Williams? [CSN Philly]

*Our infinitely intelligent readers have voted Mitch Marner as the fourth-ranked prospect in the upcoming draft. Be sure to vote on #5. [BSH]

*Metlzer takes a look at the best and worst drafts in Flyers' history. [Flyerdelphia]

*BSHer 13hardingers asks if its worth trading the 7th overall for Jonathan Drouin. [BSH]

*Former goalie coach Jeff Reese may take a job with the Dallas Stars, and if he does, the Flyers may be owed some compensation. [BSH]

*Is Marian Hossa a Hall of Famer? [Grantland]

*What will end up happening to the Arizona Coyotes is anyone's guess at this point. [Sportsnet]

*Since Glendale doesn't seem to want the Coyotes, how about Portland? [Oregon Live]

*And finally, Vince Vaughn has been all over the Final games in Chicago and was nice enough to pick up the tab for Tampa head coach Jon Cooper's dinner. [Puck Daddy]