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Monday Morning Fly By: Do it for Kimmo!

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

*Kimmo won this weekend and now Kimmo could win the Stanley Cup tonight! [Second City Hockey]

*This has been one of the closest Stanley Cup Finals ever. [ProHockeyTalk]

*Taking a look at potential free agent targets Tomas Fleischmann... [CSN Philly]

*...and Curtis Glenncross. [CSN Philly]

*Ivan Provorov has made our community draft board at number six. [BSH]

*And he's who the Flyers have selected with the seventh pick in SB Nation's official mock draft. [BSH]

*Claude Giroux is not really into the Stanley Cup Final. [TSN]

*Reportedly, the Maple Lefas want to trade Phil Kessel before the draft. [The Score]

*The Flyers should probably not be in on that, though. [Pattison Ave]

*Defensemen will be a hot commodity on draft day. [Sportsnet]

*Part two of coach Dave Hakstol's sit down with professional journalist Steve Coates. Part one can be found here. [Flyers]

*Speaking of Hakstol, here's a really awesome look at what we can expect from the coach based on a look at the system he deployed at UND. [Pattison Ave]

*The NHL has settled a lawsuit over TV blackouts and the result means better options for your hockey viewing. [Reuters]