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Ian Laperriere, Gord Murphy, Joe Mullen keep their jobs as Flyers assistant coaches

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No changes to the coaching staff -- except for at the top.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Hakstol must have liked what he heard from Gord Murphy, Ian Laperriere and Joe Mullen.

The three Philadelphia Flyers assistant coaches will all keep their jobs next season under new head coach Hakstol, despite Hakstol saying in his press conference last month that he would closely examine his assistant coaching staff.

Laperriere, the former Flyer, will enter his third season as the team's assistant coach. He took the job the same day former head coach Craig Berube was hired by the team in October 2013. Murphy's held an assistant coaching job with the team since June 2014. Mullen is the old head, entering his ninth season as an assistant coach with the team. He is largely in charge of the team's power play.

It was rumored that Lehigh Valley Phantoms head coach and former Flyers head coach Terry Murray would join Hakstol's staff, but it's possible the two did not see eye-to-eye. Murray took an assistant coaching job with the Buffalo Sabres on Thursday.