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BSH Radio archive: Draft, draft, offseason news, and more draft

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With just two days until a crucial NHL draft for the Flyers, we'll talk about what we're expecting and hoping to see with the Flyers and around the league on Friday night.

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Unlike last year ... or two years before that ... or of course the year before that ... June 23 came and went without incident this year. Truly, a sign of changing times if we've ever seen one. So with that, our full attention turns to the NHL draft, which as you may have heard takes place this Friday and Saturday in Florida.

As such, Charlie, Kelly, and myself spent Wednesday evening talking about the NHL draft. Namely:

  • What should we make of the rumors from earlier today that the Flyers are all-in on defenseman Ivan Provorov?
  • There are trade rumors out there, particularly surrounding the possibility of Phoenix trading down from No. 3. Are the Flyers in on it? Should they be? How much would we be willing to give up to make that trade?
  • Who are guys in the lottery that we like (or maybe don't like) more than most people?
  • Who are some guys we have in mind for the No. 29 pick?
  • Should we be expecting any roster players to be traded this weekend?
  • What are our best- and worst-case scenarios for the first round, and what do we ultimately think is going to happen?
  • And some non-draft thoughts! We talked about Gary Bettman's expansion announcement, the overtime changes, and coaches' challenges.

You can listen to it on the audio player below. You can also download the episode in mp3 form directly by clicking on this link (NOTE: download will begin automatically).

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