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BSH Radio LIVE tonight! Jooooiiiin uuuuuusssss!

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It's Free Agency Eve and the Flyers are coming off a pretty dang good weekend so let's talk about it on the internet!

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[UPDATE: Episode is complete, see media player below to listen.

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You can also download the episode at this link (NOTE: download will begin automatically). Original post below.]


It's been a pretty good few days in Flyers-ville; Ron Hextall had himself a great draft and then went and made a couple of outstanding trades that instantly improved the state of his team. With that and free agency beginning tomorrow, tonight is the perfect night to get on the radio and talk about some stuff.

Tune in at 7:30PM EST to join me (Kelly), Charlie O'Connor, and Collin Mehalick as we look back at the draft and forward to free agency.

You can listen in live here, submit your questions in the comments below OR give us a call at 347-826-7864. We like calls. Please call us.