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Here are the "rivalries" that will be on NBC's "Wednesday Night Rivalry" in 2015-16

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Ah, that old Blackhawks-Rangers rivalry...

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Diehard hockey fans make fun of NBC for their weekly Wednesday Night Rivalry event, and for good reason: it's kind of a gimmick and we all know it's a gimmick. But in reality, it's pretty good marketing: create buzz out of events that otherwise would not have any buzz at all.

That doesn't mean we can't make fun of the games NBC picks for Rivalry Night.

nbc lol

Here's the list of Rivalry Night games in 2015-16. We bolded the ones that ... you know, are actual rivalries.

October 7 N.Y. Rangers Chicago 8 p.m.
October 14 Chicago Philadelphia 8 p.m.
October 21 Philadelphia Boston 8 p.m.
October 28 Pittsburgh Washington 8 p.m.
November 4 St. Louis Chicago 8 p.m.
November 11 Montreal Pittsburgh 7:30 p.m.
November 18 Washington Detroit 8 p.m.
December 2 N.Y. Rangers N.Y. Islanders 8 p.m.
December 9 Boston Montreal 7:30 p.m.
December 16 Pittsburgh Boston 8 p.m.
January 6 Pittsburgh Chicago 8 p.m.
January 13 Boston Philadelphia 8 p.m.
January 20 St. Louis Detroit 8 p.m.
January 27 Philadelphia Washington 8 p.m.
February 3 Detroit Tampa Bay 8 p.m.
February 10 N.Y. Rangers Pittsburgh 8 p.m.
February 17 Chicago N.Y. Rangers 8 p.m.
February 24 Pittsburgh Boston 7:30 p.m.
March 2 Chicago Detroit 8 p.m.
March 9 Chicago St. Louis 8 p.m.
March 16 Philadelphia Chicago 8 p.m.
March 23 Boston N.Y. Rangers 8 p.m.
March 30 Washington Philadelphia 8 p.m.
April 6 Philadelphia Detroit 8 p.m.

  • The Flyers and Blackhawks are not rivals -- maybe in 2011 they were, but not now. Not when this Flyers team is completely unrecognizable from the 2010 team that lost to Chicago in the Final. And not when the teams play twice a dang year.
  • The Flyers and Detroit are not rivals. It's been 18 years since they played in the Final, and they've spent nearly that entire time in different conferences. The friggin' Carolina Hurricanes are a bigger rival to the Flyers than the Red Wings are.
  • .... Detroit vs. Tampa Bay is on this list ....
  • ..... ..... . .... .. please stop trying to force the Steve Yzerman thing ....
  • I'm just not going to consider Montreal-Pittsburgh a rivalry. I mean, you could probably say every Eastern Conference team has a rivalry with Montreal. It doesn't make it true.
  • Pittsburgh-Boston barely qualifies for that matter, too. Only reason I'm considering it one is because of Cooke-Savard and the Jarome Iginla thing from a few years back.
  • The Blackhawks vs. the Rangers. I mean, what?
  • Of note: not a single Flyers-Penguins game on Wednesday Night Rivalry.
Oh well, at least there will be jokes to make again.