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Jakub Voracek signs 8-year, $66 million contract with Flyers

Get used to seeing this face.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Jakub Voracek and Claude Giroux will be teaming up on the Flyers top line for the better half of the next decade.

The Flyers announced on Thursday evening that they've come to terms with their prized winger, signing him to a multi-year deal. According to TSN, it's an eight year deal worth $66 million, or $8.25 million per year.

This is pretty much what we expected. Last month, here's what we wrote about Voracek's then-ongoing contract negotiations:

That leaves us with two realistic comparable players for Voracek, and neither of them will make the Flyers' wallet feel good. Phil Kessel and Corey Perry each make more than $8 million per year, and they each signed eight-year deals with their teams in the last two years. Those are mammoth contracts, and Voracek is right in line to get something similar.

Eight years, at least. $8 million per year, if not more. That is Jake Voracek's value.

And it's fair value. This is what Jakub Voracek deserves, and this is what Jakub Voracek has received.

We'll have much more on this later tonight.