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The Flyers are the only NHL team that doesn't stink at wearing orange

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Not the Ducks, not the Islanders, not the Oilers.

The Philadelphia Flyers have cornered the hockey market when it comes to the color orange. They've absolutely dominated their other orange-clad competition when it comes to the color, and that includes the two new orange third jerseys unveiled by NHL teams this year.

Seriously, can any team but the Flyers pull off orange?

Let's compare. Here's the Flyers, of course:

flyers oranges

eric lindros Getty Images

The Flyers jerseys remind me of that Ludacris song Sex Room, for what should be obvious reasons. (We're willfully ignoring these ones, of course.)

Here are the Oilers new thirds, which they debuted at the draft when they made Connor McDavid wear one.

They're not bad, but something about the combo of blue and orange right next to each other like that makes me want to take my eyes and throw them against the wall like I'm trying to figure out if the spaghetti is cooked. Also, there's probably a good New York Mets joke in here.

Then there's the new Ducks thirds, which were leaked on Tuesday:

Ducks fans like it, but that's because the rest of their uniform collection looks like literal poop. And because it brings back the Mighty Ducks logo, which is objectively awesome. But orange and gold right next to each other like that? God, no. It's so bad. It's the best jersey the Ducks have, but that's not saying a whole lot.

Then there's the one's that aren't worn anymore (for damn good reason). Heck yeah I'm looking at you, New York Islanders.

isles orange third

I ... just, what?

Could actually be an OK jersey without those ... I don't know, what are those? Talons? Add a stripe along the bottom and get ride of those things on the side and like, alright, whatever. Not too bad. But no, these were horrible.

No other team in NHL history has been able to pull off orange. Still ours, guys. (We're willfully


Images via USA Today, Getty