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97.3 FM in South Jersey will air Flyers radio broadcasts

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You can now find Flyers radio broadcasts on your radio at the Jersey Shore.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Flyers games will air on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs for the fourth season in 2015-16, but for fans who live at the Jersey Shore, the station doesn't always come in that clearly.

Now there will be a local alternative.

97.3 FM, the ESPN Radio affiliate in Atlantic City, will begin airing Flyers games this fall. They'll simulcast the 97.5 broadcast, and they'll also take pre- and post-game shows. Talk Radio 1450 AM will also air games.

"We are thrilled to add both of these stations to the Flyers Radio Network," said Flyers COO Shawn Tilger in a press release. "We know that fans in South Jersey are extremely passionate about the team -- just this past November we saw over 4,500 people come out to an open practice in Atlantic City. We are dedicated to serving the South Jersey community through this ongoing partnership."

The new addition to the Flyers radio market brings basically all of South Jersey access to Flyers broadcasts over the radio, something that's never really existed before. Here's a map of each station's reach: