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The only way you can get the 3 Flyers bobble heads is if you buy season tickets

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A full-season plan is the only way to get all three.

Most teams give away bobble heads to every fan in attendance at a given game, just like any other giveaway.

For some reason, the Flyers aren't doing that this year with their much-anticipated Jakub Voracek, Wayne Simmonds and Claude Giroux bobble heads. They released details on those giveaways today, and it's a bummer.

You need to buy a ticket plan to get the collection. If you want the full collection, you need to be a full-season ticket holder. You can get one or two of them if you buy a specific 11-game plan.

The "Black Plan" includes the Voracek bobble head, which can be picked up at the October 11 game against Dallas, but doesn't include the Giroux or Simmonds bobble heads. The "Power Play Plan" includes Giroux -- at the February 11 game vs. Buffalo -- and Simmonds -- at the November 12 game vs. Washington -- but not Voracek.

The other two 11-game plans, the "Weekend Plus Plan" and the "Orange Plan" are completely bobble-less.

Being a full-season ticket holder is apparently the only way to get all three. Yes, even if you go to the October 11 game vs. Dallas, for example, you're not getting the Voracek bobble head. From the Flyers announcement, emphasis ours:

The bobbleheads are included with the membership and will not be offered as an arena giveaway. Purchasers who have already reserved a Black or Power Play plan will be eligible to receive their respective bobblehead, and all bobbleheads will be available for pickup at the Wells Fargo Center on the night of the game.

Kinda stinks.