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Flyers Top 25 Under 25: Tyrell Goulbourne grabs the No. 24 spot on our ranking

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This team has one player with heart Goulbourne. That's it.

Marissa Baecker/Getty Images

Now that Zac Rinaldo is out of Philadelphia, perhaps the most intriguing member of the Flyers system is Tyrell Goulbourne.

Now, that might seem like a silly thing to say, especially given that there are a number of highly skilled players that will likely be on the Flyers' roster in the coming years. But stick with me here.

24. Tyrell Goulbourne

Position: Forward (Left Wing)
Birthdate: January 26, 1994 (21)
Acquired Via: 2013 NHL Draft -- Round 3, Pick 72
2014-15 Team/League: Kelowna Rockets, WHL - 22 G, 23 A in 62 GP
Nationality: Canadian (Edmonton, AB)
Size: 5'11", 195
Contract Status: Signed through 2018 on entry-level contract
Ranking in August 2014 25 Under 25: Not On List

When the Flyers drafted Goulbourne in the third round of the 2013 draft, we were… less than excited.  It seemed like an absolute waste to use a mid-round pick on a guy whose most redeemed quality in scouting reports was that he was "gritty." And even though the guys drafted after him are largely not exactly NHL studs, it was a really dumb thing for the Flyers to do.

But now things are getting fun. Just as they did with Zac Rinaldo a few years ago, the Philadelphia media guys are now giving Goulbourne a little rehab tour. Goulbourne himself has said he wants to increase the level of his play, and some beat writers are making up narratives about how he's already more skilled than Zac Rinaldo.

In other words, we may have lost a hero in Zac Rinaldo, but at least we have another in the pipeline.

Goulbourne finished his last year with the Kelowna Rockets by putting up 45 points in 62 games. He'll probably join the Phantoms next year, where he'll likely focus his time on becoming a well established face punching "energy guy" who can maybe dupe some general manager into thinking he's worth an NHL job (looking at you, Don Sweeney).

But to be serious, there's probably very little chance that Goulbourne will ever crack the Flyers' (or any NHL team's) roster. The very fact that one of his NHL comparables is Zac Rinaldo -- a guy who Craig Berube benched last season -- is probably as good an indication as any that the Flyers will ultimately pass on his services. That brings us back to the question of why the hell they drafted him in the first place, but I digress…

Regardless of the fact that Goulbourne probably won't ever be on the Flyers, he's still apparently good enough to be number 24 on our list.

Let's say it's because of his heart.

How we voted for Tyrell Goulbourne:

Al Allison Andrew Charlie Collin Kelly Kevin Kurt Mary Meseret Ryan Travis
24 N/A 22 N/A N/A 24 N/A N/A N/A 12 25 20

Who we voted for at No. 24:

Al Allison Andrew Charlie Collin Kelly Kevin Kurt Mary Meseret Ryan Travis
Tyrell Goulbourne Cooper Marody Jesper Pettersson Cooper Marody Jesper Pettersson Tyrell Goulbourne Cooper Marody Radel Fazleev Cooper Marody Mikhail Vorobyov Reece Willcox Jesper Pettersson