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Only 4 teams have longer Stanley Cup odds than the Philadelphia Flyers

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Maybe the Flyers haven't hit rock bottom yet.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Flyers are going to be worse in 2015-16 than they were last year, if the Vegas oddsmakers have anything to say about it.

According to the sportsbook Bovada, the Flyers have the fifth-longest odds to win the Stanley Cup this season -- ahead of just Arizona, Carolina, Buffalo and Toronto, who are all expected to be absolutely awful.

The Flyers' 75/1 odds of winning the Cup are worse than they were even in June, when Bovada had the Flyers at 66/1. Here are the full odds:

See any easy money in there? Personally I like the Capitals at 18/1 very much, and most of the 10/1 teams could make you some relatively easy money. The Bruins (20/1) and Kings (10/1) are sort of laughably high in my opinion.

What do you think?