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Thursday Morning Fly By: All of the excitement is gone :(

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Gone too soon.
Gone too soon.
Pat Jacoby Photography

* Well, OK, not all of the excitement is gone. But the Flyers sent back (arguably) their three top prospects back to juniors yesterday: [BSH]

* And then they sent 19 other guys to Lehigh Valley: [BSH]

* Anywho, yesterday we also checked in on the rest of the Metropolitan Division. Turns out they're all bad! Who knew? [BSH]

* Yesterday was also NHL dot com's Flyers day. Here are their three X-factors for the Flyers' season, with Brayden Schenn and Steve Mason in particular getting some mention: [NHL]

* And here's an overall preview of their lineup: [NHL]

* More on the younger Schenn, who -- did you know this??? -- is coming up on a key year in his Flyers career: [Daily News]

* And just in case you needed to hear it again, here are five Flyers with the most to prove this season: [Pattison Avenue]

* 30 Thoughts, touching on life after player retirements and more: [Sportsnet]

* Good news! 3-on-3 overtime, so far in the preseason, has led to its desired outcome: far fewer shootouts. [TSN. Hi Frank!]

* Partly because a lot of forwards have no idea what they're doing when it comes to 3-on-3 defense: [TheScore]

* The CEO of the airline of the tragic Lokomotiv crash four years ago was found guilty of negligence: [Yahoo]

* And finally, here's Wayne Gretzky receiving an honorary jersey from Tottenham Hotspur which has his name spelled incorrectly: [CBC]