Guess the 2015-16 Flyers season contest!  CLOSED

Greetings everyone,

In an attempt to create a new tradition, I have decided to start the first annual (?) pre-season contest here at Broad Street Hockey. The questions below touch on all things Flyers (and a few other things from the league in general) for the upcoming season.

Entering is easy, simply answer the questions below. The closer your answers are the more points you get. I'll keep a tab on the results during the season, and can provide updates if requested.

The winner will be announced after the regular season ends. Should there be a tie, whoever is closest to the number of league-wide goals will break the tie. The winner will receive a hand-stitched Flyers banner rug!

If players are traded, only their Flyers stats will count. If you have any other questions, please leave them in the comments. REGULAR season stats only.

The deadline for entry will be around 7:30 tonight, or whenever they start the Flyers-Lightning game tonight.

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