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Claude Giroux also got an actual cake for his birthday

It's no shaving cream pie, but it'll do.

Today is Claude Giroux's 28th birthday, and the presents won't stop rolling in for the Philadelphia Flyers' captain. Of course, it was always going to be really difficult to top Michael Raffl's gift of a shaving cream pie straight to the face, but RDS - a French Canadian sports broadcaster - tried to match him.

A real cake, some candles, and some very, very, very loud singing of Happy Birthday in French should do the trick, right? Judging by how Giroux can't stop smiling, it looks like they did a good job adding to the birthday celebrations!

That cake looks delicious. And this is so wonderfully, beautifully, almost excessively French, so it's perfect.

G's getting spoiled; good thing the Flyers don't have a game tonight.

A very happy birthday to the Flyers' leader! Don't eat too much shaving cream and/or cake.