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Zac Rinaldo wants Flyers fans to cheer for him, will be very disappointed tonight

Zac Rinaldo is back in town. He wants Flyers fans to cheer for him. Nah, we're good.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Zac Rinaldo is back in Philadelphia for the first time since the summer trade that sent him to the Boston Bruins. He wants to be cheered by Flyers fans. Here's him talking to CSN New England yesterday:

"I’m just hoping for some positivity," said Rinaldo. "I put my heart and soul into that team. I do that for every team, though. I do that for the Bruins now. It wasn’t just for the Flyers. But I put my heart and soul into the team, and into the city…so a little positivity would be nice."

Nobody is going to deny that Rinaldo gave it his all while he was here. Nobody will deny that he wore his heart on his sleeve and that he was proud to be a Flyer and all that.

I'm not going to go on a big screed about Rinaldo here, because I've done that many times in the past.

But I will say this: Flyers fans are still not all that happy about that BS hit thrown by Rinaldo against Sean Couturier in the first Flyers-Bruins game this year, up in Boston in October. Reminder:

Cheer for Rinaldo tonight and you're cheering for that shit.