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Flyers treat Make-A-Wish kids to awesome night

The game itself was great, but it was even more special for all these kids.

So going to a hockey game is a pretty awesome experience no matter what, right? Especially when you're younger and don't necessarily care about every little intricacy, like player personnel or usage or deployment, or anything like that. You just know goals are awesome, and seeing the home team win is even better.

Well, the Philadelphia Flyers treated 14 kids and their families to the game last night, including a VIP experience. And while that part was undoubtedly cool, the night picked had to be extra special, if only because the Flyers beat the Boston Bruins in dramatic, exciting fashion.

Think this kid is a #philadelphiaflyers nut?!?! @makeawishphl #makeawishphl

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Score early, only to fall behind and get two quick ones in the third and defend your one goal lead until the end? That's awesome.

And the kids got an incredible night to top it all off. Great job to everybody, from the team to Make-A-Wish itself - that's a night anybody won't soon be forgetting.