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It looks like MLB is taking over NHL GameCenter, now '', on February 1

New apps, too.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

We've known for months that NHL GameCenter Live and the NHL's mobile apps would be taken over by MLB Advanced Media early in 2016, and it looks like we have the first concrete evidence of that via this page on

nhl tv

That's not much to go off of, but there are plenty of clues in there. MLBAM, of course, runs the fantastic product that's similar to but much, much better than the NHL's GameCenter Live product. The branding is lining up the same way, so maybe we should expect some of the same technology and features that offers.

(No, blackout rules will not be changing in any significant way.)

It also looks like MLBAM will launch new NHL apps in February. MLB's At Bat app is objectively wonderful and if we get something similar, it will be a serious upgrade on what the league offers now.

We'll be at the All-Star Game in Nashville later this month, so hopefully we'll be able to provide a sneak peek into the new product before it's launched to the public.

h/t Greg Wyshynski