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WATCH: Claude Giroux is good at catching food in his mouth

He's eight for eight.

Now that's consistency. No matter what direction those... cheese balls? I'm going with cheese balls, Claude Giroux is probably the kind of guy who loves those, we have some evidence in the form of his love for grilled cheese... No matter what direction the cheese balls go in, whether they're thrown short or long or to the side or on-target, he's got 'em.

Look at that focus. That's what makes a guy like that elite. Nothing's going to stop him from putting that puck in the net, or from getting those snacks in his mouth. Nothing. No wonder he's the Philadelphia Flyers' captain.

Seriously, though, this is adorable. This quickly made the rounds through the hockey community on Tumblr yesterday, and it's easy to see why. It's the perfect mix of skill and fluff, all by one of the best players in the world.

Good job, G. He earned those treats.