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Claude Giroux has thoughts about the snowstorm

They are not positive thoughts.

Yeah, that emoji about sums it up. Missing out on a game tonight and still having to make your way through that weather (while you still can) isn't anywhere near as good as getting an entire week off of school.

... Which both Claude Giroux and Mark Streit got? Who else got to have a week off of school and how come it was never me?

It isn't just the players that were asked about this, though. Then there's Dave Hakstol, former head coach at the University of North Dakota, who has a kind of thousand-yard stare when discussing his college days. Then again, if you were stuck on a bus for a day and a half somewhere in Nebraska or one of the Dakotas (and it's not just you, but an entire college hockey team as well), wouldn't you have the same reaction? Thank goodness this isn't that.

Stay safe, everybody!