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Claude Giroux does not think Michael Del Zotto is a good DJ, and other things

"I think we're more laughing at the DJ than with the DJ."

Apparently, Michael Del Zotto is now interviewing his fellow Flyers teammates in a locker room stall in a new segment called "Stall Talk". This is a great idea, because Del Zotto has the charisma to be entertaining, but is also Del Zotto, so there's just enough material for his teammates to pick on him.

Like his DJing skills, apparently. Del Zotto spends some time in his first segment being rather proud of what he's doing so far - and gets a little taken aback (and possibly hurt?) by his interview subject, Claude Giroux's, assessment of what he can do.

(Apparently Del Zotto talks too much which, yeah, I can see that.)

Otherwise, this is a whole lot of "hockey players: they're just like us!", which is always great. Giroux saw the movie Concussion, albeit in a fancy La-Z-Boy chair. He also likes grilled cheese (or rather "bread and cheese", two very important components to making grilled cheese), in case you forgot.

But possibly the best bit comes at the end, when both players very enthusiastically describe the merits of going out to a group dinner at a round table, rather than a rectangular one. And they get into it. They probably go out to eat regularly enough they have good reason to get that passionate about the subject matter, and it really, really shows.

I cannot wait for the next edition of Stall Talk.