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The two types of All-Star Break social media posts, by the Philadelphia Flyers

Pierre-Edouard Bellemare and Wayne Simmonds have their entire team covered on the social media front.

The NHL All-Star Break is time for the players to relax. It's a long, grinding 82-game season, after all, and by late January, teams are approaching 50 games. That's a lot - and so, the perfect time for a break.

Some players, like Claude Giroux, still have a show to put on. Then there's everybody else, who pretty much go on vacation. Whether they share their exploits or not are up to them - but this particular break, Pierre-Edouard Bellemare and Wayne Simmonds have already covered the entire Philadelphia Flyers team on what kind of social media posts to expect.

First, there's the Bellemare:

Acknowledge your last game before the break began - which, in the Flyers' case, went very well - and talk about how excited you are to get back at it. Pretty standard hockey fare.

Then, there's the Simmonds:


A photo posted by Wayne Simmonds (@wayne17simmonds) on

a.k.a., "Look at what I'm doing. This is awesome. I love vacation." It's also the first time Simmonds has posted anything to his Instagram in nearly a year, which is kind of hilarious - he really wants to show off.

Happy All-Star Break!