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Claude Giroux's shootout move is now called the G Thing because he says so

Also, on at least one occasion a coach has told him to stop trying so hard.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Claude Giroux has written for the Player's Tribune before. He had a regular What The (Blank)? back at the end of 2015, but now he's an All-Star, and that calls for an All-Star What The (Blank)? There are, sadly, no banana drawings this time, nor any mentions of grilled cheese, but his handwriting is back, and with it, some reasonable (and questionable) answers.

Like... the G Thing, G? Really? Actually, this isn't surprising at all. It's kind of easy, if you think about it. You do you, G.

As for other parts of the Q&A: I wonder which coach told him to stop trying so hard? Was it at the NHL level? Back in juniors? When he was a little guy roughly four feet tall? There's no clarification here. Just that a coach, on at least one occasion, told him to stop trying so hard. Huh.

He has some good judgements on players (Scott Hartnell on The Bachelor? Yes please), and some bad ones (Dan Girardi is the most underrated player in the NHL? Really??). And we're gonna need some elaboration on Jakub Voracek getting suspended from soccer - maybe that'll be a job for Michael Del Zotto when he interviews him in Stall Talk.

In the meantime, come, look at Giroux's answers in his own handwriting for yourself, and is it just me, or does it look like the way he wrote Del Zotto's name spell Del ZoHo? Appropriate.