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Claude Giroux has more swag than most people know what to do with

Are you for real with these cuffs, G? That's amazing.

Claude Giroux, everybody.

Or rather, GBaby, everybody.

Okay, so the stitching quality doesn't look super great - especially on the G and second B (did he do it himself? I kind of hope he did) - but still, Giroux's dedication to the letter G and all ways he can exploit it for nicknames is really something to admire. He performed the G Thing in the shootout competition, he's got his GBaby cuffs... Hey, maybe one of the reasons he likes grilled cheese so much is because it starts with the letter G?

Also, the fact that the lettering is orange. I don't think you'll ever really find that many ginger people committed to the color, but this is the Philadelphia Flyers' captain we're talking about, here. Dude's gonna wear orange for life, and clearly, he loves it.