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World Junior hockey 2016: Ivan Provorov buzzer beater saves Russia's hopes for gold

Ivan the Great.

Ivan Provorov was thhhhhhiiiiis close to becoming the goat for Russia in the gold medal game of the World Junior Championship against Finland.

Late in the third period of a tie game, he took a terrible penalty -- essentially tackling a Finnish player with two arms in the corner. The Finns didn't score on that power play, but it gave them plenty of momentum which carried through to another power play that they did score on to take a 3-2 lead.

And then, with a minute left and the goalie pulled, this:

It wasn't Provorov's goal, instead tipped in front. But that shot ... man. So good.

Provorov's been called the best overall defenseman in the tournament by more than one analyst, and this goal is just part of what makes him special.