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Brayden Schenn happy for brother Luke after Flyers trade him to 'contending team'

"You don't realize how good it is until it's taken away from you," he said about playing with his brother.

Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

The Flyers traded both Vincent Lecavalier and Luke Schenn to the Los Angeles Kings on Wednesday night. While Vinny probably won't be very missed here in Philadelphia, Luke's little brother Brayden Schenn is still here, so one of the the immediate questions was how Brayden was taking the news.

Well, the Flyers website caught up with him shortly after things were officially announced, video of which you can see above. Two big things here. One:

Luke's going to L.A. and it's the style of hockey, you know, big bodies over there. Play pretty physical and L.A.'s a good team ... pretty excited for him. He's worked his bag off the past couple years.

"Skate your bag off" or "work your bag off" is hockey slang for exactly what you think it is.


" ... for him to get a chance to be on a contending team playing probably a pretty valuable role, it's going to be huge for both of them and I'm excited for them."

That's a current Flyers player saying, essentially, that the Flyers are not a contending team. I mean, we know this and all but it's rare to hear it from a player actively on the dang team. (For the record, the Kings are in first place in a bad Pacific Division.)

One more thing: Brayden seems bummed his brother is gone. "You don't realize how good it is until it's taken away from you."