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The Kings think Vincent Lecavalier can be their third line center


Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Via ESPN's Pierre LeBrun, commenting on the aftermath of Wednesday's Flyers-Kings trade:

Elsewhere on this busy day, the Kings believe they've filled two holes in their lineup: No. 3 center and bottom pair, right-handed defenseman.

In Vincent Lecavalier and Luke Schenn (whom the Philadelphia Flyers retained half of their salaries), the Kings hope they've plugged those holes.

I heard last August the Kings kicked the tires on Lecavalier and Kings GM Dean Lombardi confirmed Wednesday night that was indeed the case.

We'll give them the "bottom pair defenseman" thing with Luke Schenn. Fine, that's fair.  But Vincent Lecavalier as their third-line center?

Vinny couldn't even crack a bad Flyers team. We don't even need to sit here and cite stats on this one, because if you're reading this you've probably watched a Flyers game in the last two years, and you just get it.

Have fun with this, Kings.