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Vincent Lecavalier, Luke Schenn have some amazing intangibles

According to the Los Angeles Kings' feed, Lecavalier and Schenn have... something? to offer.

Well, it happened. The Philadelphia Flyers traded away Vincent Lecavalier and Luke Schenn for cap relief, a pick, and a prospect. That's two bodies gone from the Flyers now, though - two bodies that had some stuff to offer, apparently.

Lecavalier and Schenn made their Los Angeles Kings debuts last night, in what was a 2-1 victory for their new team. Vinny even got an assist! Guess he's taking his intangibles to heart: for the previously-maligned 35-year-old, this truly is his last chance (though he has said he's going to retire after this season ends, so). And he's already making the most of it.

vincent lecavalier intangibles

And yes - standing at 6'4 and weighing 215 lbs., Lecavalier is, indeed, a big body. Very astute observations there, Kings feed. (And yes, he even used his big body to get that assist.)

Schenn got similar treatment for his debut:

luke schenn intangibles

"No expectations." Dang. That's it? The Flyers are... missing out...?

The Flyers and Kings don't face each other again this season (barring a Stanley Cup Final matchup, I suppose, which is technically possible), so it's kosher to wish the two former Flyers best of luck on their new team. Hopefully they can put those last chances and no expectations to good use.

s/t to /u/murtburternie for the screencaps!