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Various Flyers do the Mannequin Challenge at Eagles tailgate

Going viral while waiting for football? What’s not to love?

If you’re not familiar with the Mannequin Challenge, it’s basically this: a group of people stand stock still while someone with a camera runs around recording them. Basically, the goal is to hold a pose like a mannequin.

If you’re not familiar with the Philadelphia Eagles, I can’t really help you there.

The Philadelphia Flyers are familiar with the Eagles, though. So much so that a handful of them went to the game today - and before that, they went tailgating with a large group of people.

And while tailgating, they performed the Mannequin Challenge.

E a g l e s #mannequinchallenge #friends @philadelphiaflyers

A video posted by Ryanne Breton (@ryannehaileyb) on

Not everyone there is a Flyer - obviously - but a handful of them are, like Michael Raffl, Brayden Schenn, Roman Lyubimov, Travis Konecny, Brandon Manning, and, of course, Claude Giroux.

And while you can see some movement in the video, considering the size of their group? That’s a pretty good effort.

Top it all off with an Eagles win and it’s the perfect recipe for a great Sunday!