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Michael Del Zotto to Claude Giroux: ‘Friends helping friends’


It’s always better when guys on your favorite hockey team of choice are buds. It doesn’t just make the games that much more enjoyable to watch; it makes for great off-ice stuff, too.

Well, here’s a combination of both: Michael Del Zotto happily helping his friend Claude Giroux get some H2O.

Friends helping friends. #h2o #bobbyboucher @nhl @philadelphiaflyers

A photo posted by Michael Del Zotto (@mdzofficial) on

See, now that’s what being a good teammate - and friend - is all about. Del Zotto may have gotten injured early in the year, but he doesn’t have to be the water boy anymore; it sure is nice of him, though.

Meanwhile, bless Giroux. Eyes closed, mouth wide open, the picture of trust; this is a perfect snapshot and everything about it is beautiful.