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Claude Giroux sharing grilled cheese with a 6 year old fan is everything right with this world

Is there anything more adorable?

If there’s one thing Claude Giroux loves, it’s grilled cheese.

Oh, I’m sure there are other things he loves. Hockey, being a good person... but grilled cheese has to be at the very top of that list.

Good thing there’s a way for him to combine all of that together.

There is definitely no better way to meet one’s idol. This is so undeniably cute. Who wouldn’t want to eat grilled cheese with Giroux?

It looks like in setting up this meeting, Seamus wrote him a letter. He did it perfectly, hitting all of the right notes and showing just how much he and Giroux have in common.

Back when they were both babies! And what’s better than a mom making grilled cheese??

No word on if Giroux is going to take Seamus up on visiting his backyard rink - he might be a bit too busy for that - but everything about this is pure, and exactly what you hope to see out of your team’s best players. This is so sweet - on everyone’s parts.