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This grandma’s reaction to getting a Wayne Simmonds jersey is the best

We can only aspire to be as cool as this lady.

It’s late November. That means that, of course, hockey season is in full swing; it also means we’re about a month out from Christmas.

So. What’s the best Christmas present you could ask for?

How about a Wayne Simmonds jersey? That’s exactly what this 90-year-old fan got:

I can only hope to reach the age of 90 and be as cool as this lady. The suspense as she takes her time opening her present is well worth it.

“Simmonds! Woohoo! Best player on the team!” Grandma’s got fantastic taste, too. And she knows what she’s talking about. It’s impossible to not adore Simmonds, just like it’s impossible to watch this without smiling.

The only thing that would make this better? Probably if that jersey got Simmonds’ signature, too. Maybe there’s some hope for that!

(s/t to reader Conor Trahar for bringing this to my attention! It’s so sweet.)