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BSH Radio #85: It's Thanksgiving and the out of town guests have arrived

It’s been a crazy week for the Flyers, and we talked about it.

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Winnipeg Jets v Philadelphia Flyers
when you’re so excited for the new BSH Radio that you can barely keep yourself upright
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Before this past Monday, the last episode of BSH Radio was recorded on Wednesday the 16th. Since then, the Flyers have played two games, scratched their best defenseman, and have generally had a pretty eventful few days.

So we’re here to talk about it!

Travis and I were lucky enough to be in town to join usual podcasters Bill, Steph, and Charlie on Monday night (pour one out for Kelly, who was recovering from an extended fight with a blizzard), and we discussed a whole host of Flyers-related topics. Such as:

  • The Flyers are a .500 team so far. Is that a disappointment?
  • What was the motivation behind Dave Hakstol’s scratching of Shayne Gostisbehere? Is he getting traded to Montreal to play with Former Flyer Shea Weber? (No!) More importantly, what may all of this tell us about Hakstol’s coaching of this team?
  • The top-six will be changed up a bit for tonight’s game in Florida. Can that get Brayden Schenn and Claude Giroux going a bit more at 5-on-5?
  • The power play is on its coldest stretch of the season so far. How concerned should we be?
  • Ivan Provorov’s looked much better lately! That’s cool!
  • Does Dale Weise deserve to have his name pronounced correctly until he scores his first goal with the Flyers? Also, how has he played?
  • The NHL changed its All Star rules to try and prevent John Scott-types from making the All Star Game. It will probably not work!
  • And, most importantly, why is Matilda such a jerk?

You can listen below, but the show is also available on iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud, and we'll be coming soon to the (free!) Liberty Podcasts app on your smartphone. Enjoy!