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Brayden Schenn just talks about how much he loves food for like three minutes

This is the best Stall Talk yet.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Michael Del Zotto and the Philadelphia Flyers knew what would be the perfect subject for the next edition of Stall Talk: food.

Apparently, Brayden Schenn is the team’s foodie. And you know what? I absolutely believe nobody on the Flyers loves food as much as Schenn does. Definitely not after watching this.

I think this is my new favorite Stall Talk? Schenn just lights up and gets right into it. He’s so excited to be there and talk about food!

You knew it was going to be good, right from the get go:

Del Zotto: “What’s your favorite type of food, if you had one choice?”

Schenn: “... How long’s this segment? I could go on forever.”

Schenn is a big fan of both ribs and desserts, so you know he’s got good taste. I actually forgot that Del Zotto is pretty really into cooking, too, but Schenn trying to invite himself over for good is an expert move.

Another sign that Schenn is an expert? When he says, “You always gotta plan ahead in the day what you’re going to eat next.” Truer words have never been spoken.

Probably the best quip of them all, though? That they had to “trade one of the Schenns” because nobody else was getting enough dessert with two of them around.

Brayden Schenn, like food, is the best.