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Kimmo Timonen wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving

Also, here’s the turkey he’s cooking.

Happy Thanksgiving! That’s what Kimmo Timonen wants you to have - while showing off tonight’s dinner, apparently.

Sandals and hot oil? Oh boy. That’s a choice to make. So far so good, though, and that’s probably going to be a really good bird for tonight.

Even though Timonen is in his second season of retirement now, there’s a lot to be thankful for regarding him. He gave a lot to the Philadelphia Flyers, and it was really, really great to see him go out on top - even if it was while wearing another team’s jersey.

Plus he actually chimes in on social media every now and then, so we get to know what he’s still up to! I’m thankful for him in general, but in this post-Timonen-playing-hockey world, for that especially.