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The Philadelphia Flyers visit Santa

Hopefully they were good this year!

Christmas is just a couple of weeks away! You know what that means: hockey is still in full swing, though it’ll take a brief break so everyone can enjoy the holidays.

That also means Santa is really ramping up his work, getting toys ready and making sure everyone was good.

Four Philadelphia Flyers stopped by to put in a good word and, according to Michael Del Zotto, apparently some requests, too.

Getting our early Xmas wishes in. @philadelphiaflyers @nhl

A photo posted by Michael Del Zotto (@mdzofficial) on

What we’ve learned from this: Santa doesn’t care who you are; apparently, his lap is available for sitting on. If there’s enough room. If not, either sitting on or hovering awkwardly over his legs will do.

Considering how happy everyone looks though, I’m going to guess everyone was good this year. And why wouldn’t they have been? The Flyers are on a seven-game win streak! That’s definitely a sign of the guys being good.

But there’s still another seven games before Christmas. I’m going to assume they were wishing for a lot of points to have a happy holidays; we’ll see how much magic Santa can work to help them get them - though they’re doing pretty well on their own!