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Some thoughts on the Flyers new black Stadium Series jersey

The Flyers are back in black for the first time in seven years.

The Flyers Stadium Series jersey that we shared with you yesterday is now official, with the team unveiling it and putting it up for sale at the Wells Fargo Center this morning.

The Philadelphia Flyers 2017 Stadium Series jersey is here

Are you going to buy a new Philadelphia Flyers Stadium Series jersey? via Comcast Spectacor

Posted by Broad Street Hockey: For Philadelphia Flyers Fans on Saturday, December 10, 2016

The team will wear these twice this season -- once outside on February 25 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh for the NHL Stadium Series against the Penguins, and a second time at home against the Penguins on March 5.

I have some thoughts on these sweaters, in no particular Saturday-morning coffee-fueled order:

  • It’s nice to have a black jersey back in the family. The team hasn’t worn a black jersey since 2010, the last season (at least in Philly) of the old “Reebok Edge” uniform design with the terribly oversized shoulders and the weird obsession with piping.
  • The old black jerseys that the team wore as alternates in the late 1990s and early 2000s worked so well because white was the secondary color, with orange as an accent. On these ones, that’s flipped, with orange as the secondary color and white as an accent. It mostly works — the colors flow well on the front of the jersey, and the white accents on the sleeve numbers, sitting on a mostly-orange backdrop, look good too.
  • But the black uniform numbers with white outlines on the back feel like a miss to me. Keep in mind that these sweaters are being worn outdoors in a football stadium. At night. Black numbers with nothing but a thin white outline to clarify them are going to be a struggle.
  • The same applies for the nameplate. It’s a dark orange with black lettering on top. I cannot imagine that being easily-distinguishable from a long distance.
  • That gets us to the other theme of outdoor jerseys in recent years: numbers and nameplates that are bigger so that you can see them from a distance in a stadium. These Flyers jerseys feature the bigger numbers and letters, which is certainly a move motivated by utility more than aesthetic. But by choosing colors that are not going to fit the same utility, you’re kind of defeating the purpose right? Might as well make the letters and numbers smaller in that case, and I personally think that’d look a whole lot better.
  • No 50th anniversary patch on these. There’s a Stadium Series patch on one shoulder and the Ed Snider patch on the other. Mr. Snider is more important, and I’m sure that’s the conclusion the Flyers came to here as well.
  • A black helmet with an orange manufacturer logo on the front is so fresh.
  • I was hoping for more from the team’s next black jersey, if I’m being honest. It’s not terrible, but it also just feels a bit disjointed, like it’s missing something or like something is off. If I’m ranking every black jersey the team has ever worn, these are at the bottom of the list in my opinion.
  • Unlike has been the case with early Winter Classic jerseys, including every Winter Classic jersey the Flyers have ever worn, Stadium Series jerseys have rarely found a permanent place in the team’s catalog. These, and the 50th Anniversary uniforms, will likely not be worn much beyond the few games this season that are on the calendar.
  • I’m still holding out hope that once adidas takes over next season, the Flyers will debut a more-permanent black third jersey into their closet, perhaps one that is based off of the home/road template that the team already uses. Or just bring back all three jerseys from the 90s. That’d work too.

Here’s how the team debuted these uniforms in their press release:

Philadelphia, PA (December 10, 2016) – The Philadelphia Flyers unveiled today the team's 2017 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series™ jersey for their Saturday, February 25, outdoor matchup against the Pittsburgh Penguins at Heinz Field.

The new jersey stands as a contemporary homage to the unique characteristics of 50 years of the Flyers uniform – a bold design for a passionate city. The primary color of the uniform is black, fiercely showcasing the traditional winged-P on the chest. The single dominant orange bands are a reinterpretation of the singular bands of color on the team’s current home and away uniforms. In addition, these bands of color are complemented by a contrast color name-plate, which is a signature design feature of the Flyers’ NHL uniform.

The full uniform carries the theme of orange accents over solid black – black socks showcase a single orange stripe across black, gloves include orange highlights, and the black helmet includes numbers mirroring those on the jersey.

The Flyers will wear the special jersey one additional time this season on Wednesday, March 15 as they take on Pittsburgh during NBCSN’s Wednesday Night Rivalry at the Wells Fargo Center.

Fans can purchase the NHL Stadium Series™ jersey and other apparel beginning this morning from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. at the FanZone Powered by Reebok store at the Wells Fargo Center, as well as at all Wells Fargo Center retail stands during today’s 1 p.m. home game vs. the Dallas Stars.

In addition, the FanZone Powered by Reebok store at the Wells Fargo Center will offer extended holiday hours. Beginning on Monday, December 12and running through Wednesday, December 21, the store will be open from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m., daily, with the exception of Sunday, December 18, which will be from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.