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Monday Morning Fly By: Nine is fine!

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Dave Reginek / Getty Images

* Hahahahaha can you imagine what it must be like to root for a hockey team that hasn’t won nine games in a row? I bet it’s terrible. Here are your recap and observations from Saturday’s thrilling third-period comeback against Dallas ...

* ... and here’s your recap from last night’s OT shutout of Detroit.

* Even beyond two games, there was a lot going on in Flyerland this weekend! The Flyers revealed their black jerseys for the Stadium Series game. Here are some thoughts on them! [BSH]

* From that Saturday game, Stars defenseman Jamie Oleksiak was suspended for unnecessarily hitting Chris VandeVelde up high: [BSH]

* And Sam Morin beat some dude into next week: [BSH]

* On that note, the Phantoms swept their weekend as well, capped off by a win on Saturday over Rochester: [Highland Park Hockey]

* Claude Giroux talks about leadership, and a couple of other things: [Yahoo]

* Anywho, the Flyers’ next opponent is the Colorado Avalanche, who just this Saturday lost to Montreal by a score of ... oh ... oh no ... this is bad. [Mile High Hockey]

* On the growth of hockey in Arizona, following the early success of one Auston Matthews: []

* Some thoughts on, among other things, the Canucks saying they won’t ask any players to waive their NTCs and the tough situation it puts said players in: [Vice]

* The NHL talks a bit about the work-in-progress that is its team of concussion spotters. Featuring some quotes from current Arizona Coyote Chris Pronger! [Yahoo]

* Finally, in memory of former Flyers coach Bill Dineen, who sadly passed away on Friday at the age of 84: []