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Anthony Stolarz has played two NHL games, and he already has a shutout

Most Flyers goalies don’t get shutouts this early in their careers. Stolarz does.

Winnipeg Jets v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It took two games for Anthony Stolarz to get a shutout. And it wasn’t one of those easy ones, either, or ones in which he had a big lead to work with; it was a 28-save 1-0 overtime win. That’s impressive.

Stolarz has two wins in his first two games. He already bucked rookie Flyers netminding tradition by actually winning his first, even though he did give up three goals in what was eventually a 5-3 victory.

But hey, he’s already doing some special stuff. It would only make sense if he kept it going for his second game. And as it would so turn out, getting a shutout this early in his career isn’t exactly a common thing for this franchise. Via the Elias Sports Bureau:

Stolarz is only the second goaltender to register a shutout for the Flyers in one of his first two games in the NHL. The other goaltender to do that was someone even longtime Flyers fans may not remember: Robbie Moore, who blanked the Colorado Rockies, 5-0, in his NHL debut on March 6, 1979.

Moore played all of five games with the Flyers. He played six games total in his NHL career.

Stolarz can probably beat that, wouldn’t you say? He’s off to as good a start as any rookie Flyers goalie has ever had.