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Philadelphia Flyers hold sweater Christmas party, Brandon Manning wins

Manning went all out on this one.

The holiday season is a time for many things. Hockey, the Philadelphia Flyers winning every game, and figuring out how to stay warm are just three of the things that often make up what can be very busy Decembers.

One of the best ways to stay warm is, of course, with a sweater. And ridiculous Christmas sweaters have become quite the tradition over the years. To that, I present to you Michael Del Zotto and Brandon Manning (ESPECIALLY Manning) being ridiculous.

Fly guys Xmas sweater party. #austin @mandog90 @nhl @philadelphiaflyers @therealalfonsoribeiro

A photo posted by Michael Del Zotto (@mdzofficial) on


And Connor McDavid is rattled by this guy??

Del Zotto’s sweater is fantastic - you cannot go wrong with Carlton in a Santa hat, ever - but Manning went all out. He ruined that thing. His chest was probably cold all night, he doesn’t have enough hair there. It’s hilarious.

If the Flyers had to have some time off between games, at least they spent it very, very wisely.