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Flyers visit Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

What better way to spend time during the holiday season?

The Philadelphia Flyers had just one off day left before they play their final games before the Christmas break. What better way to spend it than at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia?

One day, in the far off future, Jakub Voracek’s beard is going to turn white, and he’ll be able to play a very good Santa. If maybe one that sometimes uses strong language a little too often, but I’m positive he did a good job with the kids - look at those smiles, aw.

Voracek wasn’t the only Flyer hanging out and making friends, either:

Just coloring with some friends.

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It looks like it was a very good day! And Travis Konecny - who is so impressively babyfaced in this one - is absolutely adorable in his orange Santa suit.

Thank you so much to @childrensphila for having us today! Happy Holidays! ❄️

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