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Two Flyers fans got married in a Wells Fargo Center hallway tonight

Cheaper than a flight to Vegas, I guess.

This is probably the weirdest thing I’ve come across while covering a Flyers game. A couple got married before the game tonight against Washington ... in the hallway of the balcony level at the Wells Fargo Center.

They were going to get married in their suite, but the Flyers apparently like to turn up the EDM to concert-level during warmups. So the bride, groom and 20 of their friends piled into the hallway so they could all hear the ceremony — complete with vows that sounded very lovely -- and then they went back into the suite to watch the game.

The happy couple rode on the Zambonis during intermission with signs saying “JUST MARRIED.”

While I was waiting for the wedding to end, I talked to some of the staff members and they said that this actually happens all the time. The last one the woman I was talking to could remember was back at the Pearl Jam concert in April.