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In-game moments: Puck to the butt

In which Claude Giroux has a lot of fun.

The Philadelphia Flyers won again! And over a divisional opponent, too! All is good.

That’s definitely one way to pave the way for the lighter side of the game, which is exactly what Claude Giroux was acknowledging the morning after.

Hahaha, Jakub Voracek. The specific moment he’s referring to:

Giroux - and, it looks like, all of the other players we see on the bench, too - loves it, even if he might have choked on his water a bit there. Also, always good to have the backstory behind such a moment!

So, who did it? Looks like we aren’t going to know any time soon. Then again, G probably isn’t a snitch to begin with, so chances were probably slim for all of us.

Haha, puck to the butt. That’s a classic.