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Claude Giroux’s dog is all of us after the holidays

Maybe not as cute, probably just as sleepy.

It’s Dec. 26, which means hockey still isn’t back for another day, and the Philadelphia Flyers still aren’t back for another two.

On one hand, the lack of hockey during the holidays kind of sucks - other sports get to have their showings - but on the other hand, hockey is very physically punishing, and it’s nice for players to get a break in.

Perhaps we should be thinking of Dec. 26 as a recovery day. Not only does everyone have to get back to their respective cities, but there was probably a lot of food consumption over the previous days. That’d be enough to lay anyone out for a bit.

To which point, Claude Giroux has shared the perfect image of what such a recovery day looks like:

Yeah, I think that’s basically everyone (though probably nowhere near as cute).

We’ll take that extra day off, knowing the guys probably need it - and here’s to everyone being fresh and ready to get back to work tomorrow!