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The Philadelphia Flyers have very convincing reasons for to vote Wayne Simmonds to the All-Star Game

Namely: PUPPIES.

The NHL All-Star Game isn’t until Jan. 29, but when you think about it, that actually isn’t all that far away.

And while Wayne Simmonds is currently fourth in Metropolitan Division voting, he can always get more votes. After all, fourth means three guys are ahead of him: two Penguins and a Capital. What is that??

So the Philadephia Flyers want you to get out the vote. And they have a lot of convincing reasons as to why.

... Okay, three.

... Okay, one that counts.

You may be asking yourself, why is there a video that has Simmonds pulling a bunch of puppies wearing his jersey in a Wayne Train across a rink? To which I respond: is there any single good reason as to why this video shouldn’t exist?

Simmonds is a man who celebrates his own dogs’ birthdays. He is a very good person who is very good at hockey. Vote for him and make all those small squirmy baby Simmonds puppies happy.