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Michael Del Zotto interviews Jakub Voracek, Radko Gudas about their beards

Definitely the hairiest edition of Stall Talk yet.

The Philadelphia Flyers have a good contingent of Czech players. As it so happens, the two skaters - Jakub Voracek and Radko Gudas - also have mighty fine beards.

So it’s kind of adorable to see Michael Del Zotto sitting in between them.

With Movember officially over, it’s been time to put away the mustaches and bring back the beards for these two. Not that Voracek ever put the beard away - and he hasn’t really for like, two and a half months now (and he likes it, so it doesn’t seem like it’s going away any time soon).

Gudas, on the other hand? He had the handlebars for a bit, and you can tell - but it only took him, like, a couple of hours to get the full beard back. He’s amazing.

Why is it so easy to picture Gudas as a 13-year-old kid with a full beard? Seriously, incredible.

The biggest heel turn of this episode, though, was how Voracek started off so excited to finally be on Del Zotto’s show, only to get insulted by his host - and unleash a string of profanity in a way only Jake can. (If you’ve ever gotten into an argument with him on Twitter, you know exactly how that works out...)

It’s hilarious. These three are great in this.