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These could be the Flyers Stadium Series jerseys

They’re black.

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On Saturday morning at 8 a.m., the Philadelphia Flyers will unveil the fresh new look they’ll wear at the 2017 Stadium Series game against the Penguins in February. But it looks like the new jersey has already leaked, via Amazon.

Ryan Dever made the find and tweeted about it, and it sure seems legit, even if we can’t confirm it. If you look closely you can see the Stadium Series logo there on the right shoulder.

This same seller sells kids versions of every other Flyers sweater, so we’re thinking that they just jumped the gun by a few days and popped this on Amazon early. But we’ll know for sure tomorrow.

A black jersey would make sense, since it’s been seven seasons since the team has had a jersey in the color. And ... you know, it is one of their primary colors and all.

These are pretty basic sweaters, but I can’t find much to nitpick at first glance. They’re a little basic, and I’d maybe prefer something on the same template as the current home orange and road white jerseys, but this is generally fine. A little dull, but fine.

Ryan’s tweet shows a full version that I couldn’t find, however, complete with an orange nameplate and black letters in a white border.

I think the black letters are a bad look. On all other black jerseys in team history, the numbers and letters have been white on black with an orange outline, and that’s a good, easy-to-read look. Black letters with nothing but a white border is going to be very hard to see, especially since these will be worn in a football stadium.

Do you hope these are real?

Here’s what Pittsburgh will be wearing in the game, by the way.